Radioactive Object Found in Handford Reach National Monument
Discharge pipe diffuser heads
upstream of D Island

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Radioactivity up to 6 times background has been discovered emanating from the tops of two diffusers on riser tubes, upstream of D-Island, in the middle of the Columbia River. The radioactive object, which is exposed at low river levels, is on public land.

Radioactivity from the diffusers varies with the fluctuating river level, leading The RadioActivist Campaign’s (TRAC) scientist Norm Buske to speculate there is radioactive debris in the bottom of a previously unreported Hanford discharge pipe.

On September 12th, TRAC notified the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) of this discovery. On September 20th, TRAC staff joined officials of DOE, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Department of Health Radiation Protection to examine the radioactive object to assess the risk, if any, to the public and to the environment. At that time, four additional riser tubes were located.

TRAC awaits DOE’s identification of the pipe and of any procedure proposed for remediation.

TRAC’s discovery follows its recent report that radioactive waste contaminates 60% of the Hanford Reach riverbed where important salmon stocks spawn. See for the report.

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