About TRAC
TRAC's mission was to measure and publicize radioactivity around nuclear facilities to promote site accountability and public safety.

The RadioActivist Campaign was the only American public-interest group that routinely conducted complete radiological surveys of nuclear facilities. TRAC studied 28 nuclear facilities in the United States and abroad, including: Hanford, Savannah River Site, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Oak Ridge Operations, the French test site in French Polynesia, and five sites in Russia. The RadioActivist Campaign is a not-for-profit corporation (now dissolved) registered in Washington State.

The RadioActivist Campaign was founded, as the Hanford Reach Project, by Norm Buske in 1983. TRAC was also known as SEARCH, Nuclear Military Monitoring, and Nuclear-Weapons-Free America.

The links below provide more information about The RadioActivist Campaign and its programs.

A Brief History of The RadioActivist Campaign
An overview of TRAC including organizational background, recent projects, and historical highlights.

TRAC's Accomplishments and Discoveries
A chronological list of TRAC's technical accomplishments and radiological discoveries.

TRAC's Field and Laboratory Methods
A description of TRAC's fieldwork, sample preparation, and laboratory methods. This description includes information about TRAC's laboratory.

Site List
A narrative description of the 28 nuclear sites at which TRAC conducted radiological surveys, since 1983.

Biographies of TRAC's staff and volunteers.

Why Reasonable Minds Differ
A mathematical philosophy of TRAC's methodology


The RadioActivist Campaign
Address: 10119 W. Belfair Valley Rd, Bremerton, WA 98312 Phone: 360.275.1351
Director: Norm Buske, norm@radioactivist.org