Four-legged Canoe Samples Nuclear Site
POLYWOG in the final
construction stage.

About TRAC
This spring The RadioActivist Campaign (TRAC) paddled a four-legged canoe, POLYWOG, up snag-strewn Steel Creek. Steel Creek is one of four streams flowing out of the Department of Energy's Savannah River Site in South Carolina. Those streams are notorious for carrying the site's nuclear waste into the Savannah River.

TRAC's goal was to obtain a radiological sample to better understand the nuclear site's effects on the Savannah River. According to TRAC, samples collected from the points of discharge into the streams give the public a clearer picture of the site's pollution.

In April 2003, Norm Buske, TRAC's director, paddled and waded POLYWOG up Steel Creek from the Savannah River and successfully collected a sample of wild grape leaves for radiological analysis. TRAC notified the Department of Energy before and after this sampling.

Upon returning from the 2 hour, half-mile round-trip, Norm said, "Next time I want a motor."

TRAC's maiden voyage of POLYWOG also successfully demonstrated the legal doctrine of "navigability." Much of the site interior has now been demonstrated to be within the "navigable" public domain, for public-interest scientific sampling.

Below are pictures of POLYWOG's successful sea trials in Belfair, WA, before the sampling trip to Savannah River. Norm designed and built POLYWOG last spring, using an inflatable canoe, two pairs of fishing waders, and a lot of GOOP marine contact adhesive.

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TRAC's Norm Buske and Moon Callison prepare to take POLYWOG for its sea trials.

Moon adjusts the straps to make POLYWOG a better fit.

We approached the water with excitement and mild trepidation.

We were a little worried POLYWOG would not survive the salt water.

But POLYWOG passed its sea trials with flying colors.


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